Three Baby Proofing Products That Store Themselves

One of the worst things about baby proofing your house is that said baby proofing products are ALWAYS in the way. Is your baby sleeping in her crib? Maybe at Grandma's for the day? Too bad. You still gotta step over that gate a thousand times, fight with locks on all your cabinets, and struggle to use doorknobs with those ridiculously confusing plastic monstrosities.

Well, no more. I have found three amazing solutions that work to keep babies and toddlers out, but can store themselves out of the way when you don't need them.

#1 Glidelok Door Locks

These little bad boys are amazing. You install them on the underside of your doorframe and it allows you to lock and unlock the door from either side (no more getting locked in a bedroom by a giggling toddler slamming doors!). Installation is pretty simple, but you do need a power drill and a measuring tape.

What I love:

  • If kiddo is asleep or not around, I can just slide the mechanism out of the way and it goes back to being a completely normal door

  • I don't have to store these anywhere when not in use

  • I will never get locked in a bedroom because my toddler closed the door on me. These are operable from either side of the door

  • A toddler will NEVER be able to figure this out because it's just not reachable for them -- foolproof (note: all the adults in the house will need to be able to reach the top of the door or they, too, will be locked out of these places, haha)

#2 Retractable Baby Gate

This is genius. I use it to block off both entrances to my kitchen. It's great because if I'm not cooking on the stove, I love having my daughter bop around in there with me. But when something dangerous is going on in there, I can quickly and easily keep her out.

What I love:

  • If my daughter is at grandma's house, I never have to step over or open baby gates

  • They retract completely out of the way and I don't have to find a closet to stuff them into when not in use

  • I retract them after my daughter has gone to bed and my robot vacuum can get into the kitchen - woohoo!

  • They are surprisingly sturdy. My daughter has hung on it before and it was fine.

  • One handed operation

#3 Rotating Cabinet Locks

Ya know how when you're making dinner you have to open all your drawers and cupboards a hundred times? Well that gets extremely irritating when you've got those little child safety locks on everything. These ones, however, can be rotated out of the way entirely.

What I love:

  • Easy to install - we screwed them in for extra strength and because they can be moved out of the way anyway

  • Easy for me to operate, but my daughter has not figured it out

  • Easy to disengage entirely if I need to open the cabinet over and over again

  • Hidden from view - no unsightly baby proofing products to be seen!

Apart from everyday conveniences, another thing I love about all these self storing solutions is that they are one-and-done. Plan on having another child sometime? You can just leave these up indefinitely and engage them again when needed. That's a huge time and sanity saver. You're welcome.

These solutions would also be great for grandparents who have their grandchildren over sometimes, but don't need things baby proofed all the time. Just disengage when not in use and everything goes back to normal. Grandchild coming over later? Be ready for them in seconds.

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